Pearl Luxury Group


Since « Dieu créa la femme» (God create woman) movie , in 1955's, the all planet rush onto its "Milliardaires" harbor, its "Place des lices", its "Pampelonne" beaches with its amazing sirens, and its "Cave du Roi" discotheque crazy nights.              But you still find hidden, quiet and discrete exclusive places, hanged in "the Parcs of St Tropez" or on to Ramatuel hills, where you re create the Brigitte Bardo myth, as a hymn to feminity and beauty.              Faithfull to its strategy, "Pearl Luxury Group" will create on the earth of the most famous village in the World, in "the Parcs of St tropez" and on Ramatuel hills, the most unique, feline and feminine Villas of its portfolio.                      
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